What industries are ideal for cast polyurethane parts

The versatility and strength of polyurethane is incredible! It can withstand abrasion, oil, and chemicals, and performs extremely well in difficult environmental conditions. Here are some of the industries that use Polyurethane plastics:

Automotive: Did you know that your car seat cushions are probably made from polyurethane foam? Polyurethane is also found in other places in your vehicle including your bumpers, seals, and the interior headliner of your roof.

Mining: There are few other environments as tough as the mining industry. Parts and materials need to be strong to withstand harsh chemical and environmental conditions at remote mining sites. Polyurethane plastic makes for perfect conveyor belt scrapers, seals, and pipelining to name a few.

Paper Factories: Polyurethane holds up well in nearly round-the-clock production machinery, like those used in paper factories. It’s common to find polyurethane in lump breaker rolls, press rolls, and other machine parts.

Construction: This industry uses polyurethane plastic in tools and equipment like hammers, power tools, and mallets because of this plastics’ strength and resistance to abrasion, tear, oil, and impact. Polyurethane-based foam is also a popular insulator in housing projects.

Agriculture: The equipment used in this booming industry needs to be of high quality to stand up to harsh environmental conditions. Polyurethane is used in cotton doffers, elevator buckets and crane wheels, to name a few.

Sports and Recreation: Most sports equipment need to withstand high impact situations, which is why it’s common to find polyurethane in balls and other sports equipment like racket grips, or roller skate wheels. Many boats and water equipment like surfboards are also made from polyurethane.

There are endless uses of polyurethane in our everyday life. If you want to use polyurethane in your next project, talk to the cast polyurethane experts at Harkness who can help you choose the right plastic and fabrication process for your needs.

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