Prototype? Cast Urethane is Ideal

Injection molding is great for high volumes, but when it comes to small runs, what you really need is a cast urethane process. That’s what makes it ideal for prototypes.

Cast urethane processes are fast and cost-effective so whether it’s the medical equipment industry or robotics, a durable plastic component can be made quickly at a better price-point than injection molding. Plus, tooling costs are lower which ensures the ability to make modifications as needed. If the modification is more than tooling with allow, a new cast urethane mold and part can be created within about two weeks and customers avoid the larger investment of an injection mold with this process.

Urethane can be colored, painted or modified to bring out the look you are after, so flexibility in appearance is part of the process as well.

Cast urethane items are more expensive per piece than injection molding because they are by nature more labor intensive, but because of the low number of parts needed in the prototype process, the overall cost is much lower.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to create a prototype piece? Talk to us about your needs and find out if cast urethane is right for you.


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