Polyurethane = Ultimate Versatility

One of the properties of polyurethane that makes it so incredibly popular and versatile is the range of hardness it exhibits. Whether hard as rock or eraser soft, this material can be formed and molded into nearly limitless shapes while delivering the right amount of hardness for the application.

While rubber can be a good choice for controlling noise and providing a soft landing surface, it also is prone to wear and tear. Sheets of polyurethane can be cast and used to form soft, yet durable gaskets. This ensures a tight seal, sound control and insulation without the constant worry of breakdown.

Due to its smoothness, polyurethane makes an affordable replacement for steel chutes and spouts in the mining and agricultural sectors. The durability of polyurethane ensures it outlasts other materials despite the constant friction and movement of grain, ore and other substances.

Considering polyurethane’s outstanding wear-resistance and range of hardness it easily fits into numerous commercial applications to provide a long-term, durable solution.

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