The Harkness Team is Here for You

Wondering if the team at Harkness can handle your needs? We absolutely can, but it may not be for the reasons you think. This diverse team comes with a wide range of interests and although, at first glance, they may not seem to be related to your needs, with a bit of extra thought it all makes sense in ensuring you get the right plastic products every time.

Our plant manager, Gerry Steele is a Mechanical Engineer. He loves to build things, take things apart and understanding how things work. Who better to ensure the plant keeps running smoothly and efficiently.

Frank Schlegel, our Director of Sales and Marketing, is a registered professional engineer in chemical engineering. While you may initially wonder how that designation helps in sales and marketing, just five minutes with Frank will help you see that he understand the processes, the inputs and the benefits of the plastic industry and can explain it all in layman’s terms.

Operations Manager Sue Jones loves spending time with family when she isn’t at Harkness – where she has worked for more than 45 years. What this means is Sue is all about relationships and ensuring people have what they need to do the best job possible.

Motorcycles are a passion of Doreen Milas our Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative. While it may seem that her passion is far from what goes on at her desk, the truth is Doreen drove 6,000 miles across country on her bike. It shows her commitment to make things work no matter what it takes.

Of course our owners Bob and Nancy Williams bring Harkness a wealth of skill and ability, but what is most significant is their desire to keep customers happy and they know a great team is what makes it all possible.

We have many more dedicated team members in the shop, in shipping, traveling and in the office that are all eager to help you with your Performance Plastic needs. Give us a call.

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