The Advantages of Profile Extrusion

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The method of profile extrusion offers an efficient, cost effective way to produce plastic parts and products.

High Speed, High Volume, Low Cost
Plastic profile extrusion allows us to produce a high volume of parts both quickly and inexpensively. The extrusion process is fast and efficient at producing continuous shapes in varying lengths. Products can be produced in large volumes, and there is minimal wastage. Extrusion eliminates tooling costs which makes this process more efficient and timely.

Versatility and Variety
As a process, plastic extrusion is incredibly versatile. Extrusion presents all sorts of opportunities to be creative. We are able to create products with complex shapes and varying thickness, hardness, size, color, and texture.

After the extrusion process, plastics remain hot when they are removed from the extruder and this allows for post-extrusion manipulations. This is an opportunity for us to use a variety of rollers, shoes and dies to change the shape of the plastic as needed.

Complex shapes can be produced with varying thickness, textures, colours etc. With the sophisticated machinery we use, there is a wide scope of shapes and sizes possible. Additionally  additives make it possible to improve the products properties, durability, fire resistance and also to reduce friction or static to ensure the product is fully optimized to perform for its’ purpose.

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