Abrasion-Resistant Polyurethane Liners

When you need extreme wear resistance that will outlast hardened steel by a factor of 5-1, use abrasion-resistant polyurethane liners in your next plastics manufacturing project. These polyurethane liners are ideal for harsh friction environments like bins, hoppers, turnheads, chutes, and discharges.

Light-weight and noise damping, these polyurethane liners help protect your critical machinery from everyday, or aggressive friction. Their chemical makeup helps them maintain their form, avoid thermal expansion, and resist oil and grease buildup.

Because abrasion-resistant polyurethane liners have a low coefficient of friction, they avoid product build-up, which decreases your machinery downtime, thus helping to extend the life of your machinery.

Harkness Industries has unparalleled knowledge of urethane chemistry coupled with a wide variety of engineering capabilities. Our design group can help you select the optimum urethane for your application. Contact us today.

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