What is Cast Polyurethane?

Cast polyurethanes are a versatile and diverse materials that have chemical resistance, ease of processing, relative low cost, abrasion resistance and chemical resistivity. Cast urethanes are inexpensive and can be made from a variety of products in a variety of industries.

Cast polyurethanes are elastomers and are created by the reaction of a prepolymer which contains reactive isocyanate groups and a curative which contains amine groups or hydroxyl. Two components, in their simplest form: the prepolymer and curative. The mixture is then poured into a heated mold where the components react to form a solid elastomeric piece.
Prepolymers have one or two different molecular reactive groups, methyldiisocyanates (MDI) and toluenediisocates (TDI). They are then further broken down into polyether and polyester depending on the possible physical properties.
Cast polyurethanes are thermosets that are chemically different than the chemicals that were initially mixed together before the part was finished. (i.e. Chemical A + Chemical B = Chemical C). With this said, thermoset materials are unable to be remolded as they only reacted once. Please contact Harkness at info@harknessindustries.com for cast polyurethane.


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