Have a very, merry holiday season!

The year is almost over but we feel the warmth and cheer in the air. We’ve had a pretty good year ourselves, and it really makes us think of how lucky we are.

We live in a country where we’re all free to celebrate the holiday season in our own way. We can embrace our religions and traditions, and even make new traditions. There are so many ways we can celebrate this festive time of year and it always brings such warmth to our hearts to see people celebrating with their family and friends.

December is a time for family and friends to celebrate the past year, and make resolutions for the upcoming one. Harkness Industries has plenty to be proud of this year, and we’ve got exciting plans for 2019 and beyond.

We wish to extend a sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone we’ve had the honor of working with in 2018. Harkness Industries is committed to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations in supplying molded parts from a wide variety of engineering grade resins and cast urethanes. Our customers are truly our most valuable asset.

The Harkness Industries family wishes you a very merry holiday season. However you choose to celebrate it, wherever you are, we wish you health, prosperity, and success in the new year.

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