Urethane Outperforms in Construction

Concrete is a big part of construction and yet, wood and other materials continue to be the most common choice for concrete molds. Sure for foundations, and large areas, that may make the most sense, but when it comes to footings, concrete stamping and other smaller items, urethane molds are impossible to beat.

Urethane is customizable in just about any shape needed whether it’s exact right angles or wavy, curvy lines. You can reuse a urethane mold over and over again making it far more economical than wood, which slowly breaks down and absorbs moisture leading to greater deterioration. Plus, because of its resistance to chemicals, oils and solvents, clean up is easy.

Anyone who has struggled to remove a concrete mold will appreciate the firmness, but flexibility of urethane not to mention the natural lubrication properties. In fact, this natural lubrication makes it ideal for a wide range of concrete pump truck parts as well because concrete, both wet and dry, won’t stay stuck to it.

For concrete molds that are easy, economical and reusable, look to urethane. Contact us to see if urethane is the most optimal choice for your construction application.


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