Urethane Mixing Machine Adds Flexibility to Harkness’ Production

One of the many ways Harkness Industries has become one of the plastic industry’s most customer-responsive suppliers is through versatility in production including prototyping, tool design, plastic and urethane molding. Production has moved to the forefront of technology with urethane mixing machine capability that can produce six different components simultaneously. An onboard computer system continuously tracks and records more than 80 process variables during every production run. This is only the beginning.

  • The production time and date of finished products is recorded and the finished product can be traced to the raw material lot and process variables.
  • Process variable SPC data is available upon request
  • Process component flow streams are controlled to within +/- 0.25% assuring product consistency.

This is one more way Harkness produces a range of urethanes from 10 shore A to 75 shore A that cannot be matched by most plastics manufacturers and another way that Harkness puts customer-responsiveness first. Meeting the unique needs of our customers helped Harkness build a successful business. Take a look at what other customers are saying.

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