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The Advantages of Custom Injection Molding

The injection molding process has several advantages over other molding processes. It allows for the fast production of plastic parts with reduced waste and at low cost. The following is a short list of what you can expect from utilizing Injection Molding as your form of production.
  • Injection molding allows for high production output...
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Rethinking Mass Production: How 3D Printing Is Changing Manufacturing

How can 3D printing help change the way we think about mass production and injection molding? How is helping change the way we think about prototyping and creating new ideas? Here we look at the basic tenets of mass production and how technology is changing the marketplace. It’s a basic tenet of mass production: Making things...
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Why Does Colour Vary in Natural Polyurethanes?

Natural polyurethanes vary from a light tan (almost yellow) to a medium-dark amber (almost greenish). This variation is noticed from supplier to supplier, and even within a given supplier’s production. Black or other colored (pigmented) polyurethanes do not typically exhibit this variability in color. It is important to note that these color variations...

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Harkness Industries Custom Urethane Capabilities

Castable urethane has many unique properties, allowing it to be molded into thousands of custom parts. Some of it's properties include:
  • Outstanding Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent Cut & Tear Strength
  • High Load Bearing Capability
  • Resistance to Oils & Solvents
  • Long Flex Life
  • Wide Range of Hardness (10A – 80D)
  • Superior Dynamic Properties
  • High or Low Resilience
  • Good Hydrolytic Stability
  • High Impact Strength
Harkness Industries’ unparalleled knowledge of...
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