What you need to know about Standard Urethane Products

Cast Urethane is known for its roughness, durability, and quality. Here’s what you need to know about our standard urethane products.

  1. Cast urethane products improve service life. Our MP Series product line, for example, can improve service life 10-20x when compared to conventional rubber or plastics. Urethanes also outlast hardened steel by 5-1!
  2. Stock shapes save money. We use premium raw urethane plastics to formulate our stock shapes. We adhere to strict quality control requirements and have ISO 9001-2008 certification.
  3. Use as is, or customize your shapes. Stock urethane products are ready to go and can be used as-is, or further fabricated to meet your specific needs by machining, grinding, turning, water jet cutting, or other shaping techniques. They can also be bonded to other metals, fabric, plastics, and other urethanes.
  4. Custom colors available. We stock mostly natural and black urethane products, but custom colors can be requested.

Want to learn more about using standard urethane products for your next fabrication project? Contact us today, or view our stock shapes dimension availability chart for Precision Cast Sheet.

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