Product profile: Urethane applications

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, tough plastics material, consider Urethane Plastic. Urethane elastomers is strong, but flexible enough to “spring” back to its original shape when bent or stretched. It’s ideal for highly stretched parts like pulley wheels, conveyor  rollers, ball-bearings, bushings, and cart wheels.

Benefits of urethane elastomers:

  • high load-bearing capacity (tension, compression, shear)
  • supports thinner, lighter, longer-lasting parts
  • low, unlubricated coefficient of friction
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • quieter than metal or plastic parts
  • greater tolerance for mating parts (compared to metal)

It’s a great plastic for marine applications too because of its ability to resist oil, water, and in some cases radiation, fungus and bacteria.

Harkness Industries can work with urethane elastomers ranging from 10 SHORT A to 75 SHORE D hardness. Contact our team to discuss your next project.

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