Why Plastic Injection Molding is Efficient

At Harkness Industries, we understand that decisions around your plastic needs often involve more than just the ability to output a finished product. Sometimes, knowing which process can be quicker, uses less material, or outputs a more consistent piece is what contributes to the ultimate choice.

If you’re considering plastic injection molding, here are a few things that make it an extremely efficient method:

– Use multiple plastics and additives. To enhance strength, flexibility or other properties, a blend of plastics can be used, or additives can be included in the molding process which makes for the right level of durability at the time of manufacturing.

– Accuracy is enhanced. In the injection molding process, automation through computer controls makes for more accuracy in piece development (very little tooling, if any, is required after production), speeds up development time and keeps costs low.

– High pressure allows for detail. High pressure ensures the plastic is compressed at higher rates of force allowing for much more complicated pieces than other methods.

If you think plastic injection molding might be right for your needs, talk to us about your project’s specifics to ensure the best choice.

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