Our History

Nancy & Bob WILLIAMS with Manuel ZUCKERMANFounded in 1962 as a plastic injection molding company and today a polyurethane molding specialist, Fimor North America (former Harkness) has had its share of success and innovation.

Privately owned since 1962, the company has had four different owners. The current owner is the FIMOR Group, a family business run by Manuel Zuckerman who purchased the company in 2017.

The Products
After many years of development, today Fimor NA specialises in the transformation of polyurethane and the extrusion of thermoplastic profiles.

Expertise and Growth

This expertise stems primarily from the 20-year career of Bob Williams, the previous owner of Harkness Inc., in the field of polyurethane products at Chemtura Corporation, formerly known as Uniroyal and Uniroyal Chemical. Bob has also built a team with extensive experience and knowledge of urethane products.

Today, Fimor NA will benefit from the additional expertise of the Fimor Group, which has specialised in the manufacture of polyurethane parts since 1977.

The installation of new equipment is in progress and Fimor NA will continue to innovate and provide an irreproachable service to its customers, following in the footsteps of its predecessors for 55 years!