What is the IAPD’s GreenScene Program?

At Harkness Industries, we are proud to be part of the International Association of Plastics (IAPD) GreenScene program. The association developed this program for all member companies that are engaging environmentally friendly business and manufacturing practices.

Qualifying plastics manufacturers compete an application and must earn a minimum of 100 points to qualify for GreenScene designation. The IAPD environmental committee provides members with education about sustainability of plastics, and promotes environmentally-friendly qualities of plastics to the general public.

The association also established the IAPD environmental excellence award. This special recognition recognizes members’ environmental achievement in recycling, natural resource conservation, waste reduction, and social impact. It is awarded at the annual IAPD convention (the 2018 event takes place October 1-4, 2018 in Washington D.C).

To help member plastics manufacturing companies adopt more environmentally friendly practices, they created an environmental checklist. The list not only includes plastics manufacturing and recycling tips and guidelines, but also other ways to limit your businesses’ impact on the environment like recycling office supplies, conserving energy by using alternative forms of power, promoting clean air initiatives, encouraging employees to use energy efficient cars or public transportation, and providing telecommuting options for staff who are not required on-site every day.

For more information about the IAPD GreenScene Program visit: http://www.iapd.org/IAPD/About/Environmental.aspx

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