High Volumes, Minimal Waste with Injection Molding

In previous posts, we’ve mentioned that injection molding is very efficient for large production numbers, but just how it’s so efficient is often a mystery to those outside of the industry.

It begins with the mold itself. When we get specs from a client, we ensure our molds are absolutely precise to reduce the amount of tooling required and keep waste to a minimum from poorly formed product.

Plastic granules and different compounds are then melted to a liquid form and injected into the mold. This is done at high pressures to avoid air pockets, gaps or uneven densities of material. This automated system moves quickly and can create multiple pieces simultaneously – in fact, the number of molds available for injection is what determines the length of time for an entire run.

Once cooled and formed, any waste that may occur from trial runs, tooling or overfill will be ground up and reused in future projects. Reusing the plastic makes injection molding a great system to prevent waste and ensure a quality product every time.

Contact us about your project and we will help you determine the most cost effective manufacturing method.


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