Great customer service: Not just another supplier in a sea of many!

While computers handle many processes in plastics molding, extrusion, and manufacturing, the relationship a plastics company has with is customers is one of the most important aspects of the job. It is the key to our success at Harkness Industries.

We focus on building relationships before we make a sale. When we fully understand your reasons for the part, how it will be used, and more about your goals as a business we can use our team’s vast experience to create a plastics part that is exactly what you need.

Part of building relationships is to show you that we’re humans! In that light, we wanted share a few fun facts about a few of our front-end team members you may work with at Harkness.

Frank is our creative Director of Sales and Marketing. Born and bred in Connecticut, he originally wanted to be a pilot, but his eyes weren’t up to the job. He’s known for running two marathons in just over three hours, and loves to travel, run, and play golf.

Doreen is a fearless Inside Sales & Customer Service Rep. She’s the fearless one of our group who claims to only be scared of snakes! She too is from Connecticut but once drove solo 6,000 miles cross country on a Yamaha 650 motorcycle!

Sue is our multi-talented Operations Manager. She once thought she’d become secretary because she liked to type, that is until she went to college and realized she wasn’t good at it! She’s now one of our veterans at Harkness who’s been here 45 years, raised 2 children, and now has 2 grandchildren.

Gerry is our busy Plant Manager. As self-proclaimed gear-head, he’s always liked taking things apart and building them up again. When not at work, he spends time with his family and often goes to the theater, eats out, drives his muscle car, and goes fishing.

As our own Plant Manager Gerry says “Without customer service, you’re just another supplier in a sea of many.” Our team makes an effort to get to know you and build a relationship. To learn more about how we can help with your cast polyurethane molding and extrusion needs, contact our team today.

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