Exciting Changes at Harkness

There are a number of exciting changes at Harkness we’re pleased to share:

Introducing two new member to our team; Gregg Hamel and Taegan Williams.
Our new Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Gregg Hamel, joined us at the end of March to support custom urethane manufacturing and product development. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, Gregg has three patents and brings 10 years of product development experience, working with vendors, product testing and conducting customer presentation. Welcome Gregg, we’re proud to have you on board.

Taegan Williams

Taegan Williams

Another addition came in May when our first summer college intern, Taegan Williams joined the Harkness team. Taegan will work with our engineers on data collection and analysis for the processing business segment.

She will also learn about urethane processing and injection molding of thermoplastics. Having just completed her freshman year at Tufts University, she is studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Human Factors Engineering.


Software Upgrades to Enhance Customer Service
It’s time to upgrade our business computing system. This is an exciting and busy undertaking as we do a major upgrade from our existing Sage software system to Sage100.

Not only will this upgrade deliver a multitude of internal benefits, but it will also allow us to enhance the way we meet customer needs for on-time delivery and product quality. The upgrade streamlines business process like: Order Processing, Inventory Management and Purchasing.


A Bittersweet Farewell
Our Operations Manager, Sue B. Jones, a Harkness employee for more than 40 years, retired at the end of April. Sue’s contributions were in serving as the interface with customers of our injection-molded products as well as vendors, plus she provided Financial Management, Human Resources and Purchasing tasks with competence and grace. We wish you a wonderful time in your next stage of life Sue.


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