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Aerospace Relies on Injection Molding

Plastics are one of the few materials that work for both the outside and inside of an aircraft. Many industries rely on the durability and versatility of injection molded plastics, but perhaps none as much as the aerospace industry where the materials involved must withstand high forces and extreme temperatures all in the name...
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Prototype? Cast Urethane is Ideal

Injection molding is great for high volumes, but when it comes to small runs, what you really need is a cast urethane process. That's what makes it ideal for prototypes. Cast urethane processes are fast and cost-effective so whether it's the medical equipment industry or robotics, a durable plastic component can be made quickly at a...
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Urethane Mixing Machine Adds Flexibility to Harkness’ Production

One of the many ways Harkness Industries has become one of the plastic industry’s most customer-responsive suppliers is through versatility in production including prototyping, tool design, plastic and urethane molding. Production has moved to the forefront of technology with urethane mixing machine capability that can produce six different components simultaneously. An onboard computer...
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