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Official communication on COVID 19

March 23rd 2020,

To our valued Business Partners,

Following the Connecticut Governor’s orders and the latest recommendations of competent Health Services to contain the spreading of COVID 19, FIMOR NORTH AMERICA will limit its operations but maintain the manufacturing and distribution of parts, many being directly or indirectly related to essential or critical infrastructure sectors.

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Who is Fimor North America?

In October 2017, we announced that Fimor North America purchased Harkness Industries. The merger of our two companies will provide our customers exciting new possibilities in the years to come. Fimor was founded in 1977 and provides custom molded polyurethane parts and semi-finished products for numerous industries, protection applications, scrapers, and railroad infrastructure. Today, they...
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Fimor North America Purchases Harkness Industries

We are pleased to announce that on October 31, 2017 Harkness Industries was purchased by Fimor North America, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fimor Group. Merging our two companies will bring exciting new alternatives to our customer base. Fimor's excellence in large scale manufacturing of case polyurethane sheets will expand the offerings of the Harkness...
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