Bonding Urethane to Metals for Increased Strength

When you need increase the strength and durability of a metal, consider bonding it with Urethane. Urethane is a resilient, non-brittle compound that can be bonded to other metals to increase their strength and durability, helping to extend the durability and life of your metal parts.

A key feature of urethane, is that it has elastomeric memory, meaning that unlike plastic, it can return to it’s original shape if stretched (whereas plastic has a breaking point when it’s permanently stretched). Urethane is also known for its:

  • outstanding abrasion resistance,
  • excellent cut & tear strength,
  • high load bearing capability,
  • resistance to oils & solvents,
  • long flex life,
  • wide range of hardness (10A – 80D),
  • superior dynamic properties,
  • high or low resilience,
  • good hydrolytic stability, and
  • high impact strength.

To ensure the urethane bond is strong, we clean the metals’ substrate to ensure it’s clean from chemicals and contamination. We recommend bonding the Urethane during the molding process for maximum strength, however cured urethane can still be added to metal at anytime.

Harkness Industries’ unparalleled knowledge of urethane chemistry coupled with a wide variety of engineering capabilities enable our design group to select the optimum urethane for each application. Check out our Urethane Product Selector Guide, learn more about custom urethane capabilities, or request a quote today.

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