Bob and Nancy Williams


Bob and Nancy Williams, owners of Harkness Industries.

When a nice couple wants to run a business together, visions of a picturesque bed and breakfast or a quaint neighborhood coffee shop comes to mind. If that couple wants to leverage an extensive background in business management, engineering, sales, customer service and quality assurance then they end up running a leading manufacturer of precision cast urethanes, custom injection molding and unique profile extrusions — Harkness Industries.Bob and Nancy Williams purchased Harkness Industries in 2001 after successfully advancing to executive positions at large, multi-national engineering companies.

“We traveled thousands of miles meeting customers throughout the world for more than 25 years,” Nancy, owner of Harkness Industries said. “We were looking for an opportunity to use our skills, shape the direction of an organization and position it for success in the marketplace. We wanted a chance to be our own boss!”

Following months of research and analysis, the Williams took the gargantuan leap of faith in each other and their collective abilities, and purchased Harkness Industries.

“Many people ask us how we manage to run a business and stay married and our answer is simple: We stay out of each others’ way (although our offices are side-by-side), we don’t talk about work when we are not at work, and we can agree to disagree,” Bob Williams, president – owner of Harkness Industries said. “Our goal is to keep our customers happy and we are grateful for the terrific team at Harkness that allows us to do that every day.”

Not far from Williams’ offices at Harkness, you will find Addie, the couple’s rescued pup who thoroughly enjoys going to work with Mom and Dad every day.