Aerospace Relies on Injection Molding

Plastics are one of the few materials that work for both the outside and inside of an aircraft. Many industries rely on the durability and versatility of injection molded plastics, but perhaps none as much as the aerospace industry where the materials involved must withstand high forces and extreme temperatures all in the name of safety. Aerospace injection molding products are custom-made and include a variety of different products including panels, housings and turbine blades.

At Harkness we understand that mold creation must be done precisely to meet the high standards required for aerodynamics. Our designers work closely with engineers to ensure the parts meet these criteria. With our attention to detail the products and components will be able to endure the demanding conditions required in aerospace applications or many other industry applications as well.

The process is also quick, which reduces lead time to get dozens of parts created. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of parts on an airplane that are created through injection molding and we are confident we can create parts and components that will meet any industries specifications, contact us with your project.



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