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Jumbo Pour!

“The 50” diameter x 10” thick pad weighed more than 900 pounds once completed and became the single largest part that Harkness has ever manufactured."

Urethane continues to replace rubber as a preferred material due to its superior cut and tear resistance as well as its extended flex-life. Harkness offers a variety of urethanes in the 55 to 70 Shore A range aimed to maximize pad forming service life.
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Harkness Industries’ Softer Side

Harkness Industries has used a unique process to produce more than 55,000 urethane sheets, tubes and rods at hardnesses from 10A to 50A.
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Great Job!

“Harkness has done a great job for us over the last 8 years. We like doing business with you. Don’t change anything, just keep doing more of the same.”